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          Welcome to shandong drick instruments co.,ltd

          leather&footwear industry
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          Leather testing machine
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          Rubber testing machine
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          Application industry
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          Packaging industry

          Packaging has the functions of protecting and carrying the products, publicizing and beautifying, storing and transporting. The physical properties of packaging materials are the cornerstone of the full realization of packaging functions. The instruments and equipments developed and manufactured by Derrick cover the physical properties of the package material and the applicability of the production line, and provide convenient, accurate and professional control means for the package material enterprises in the material manufacturing process and the quality control of the finished products, the use of the package material in the raw materials and packaging process control.
          Mechanical strength is the precondition of packaging protection and carrying capacity. Barrier performance refers to the barrier effect of packaging materials on oxygen, nitrogen, air, water vapor and other permeates. It is an important physical property of packaging materials. It is related to the shelf life of contents (such as food, medicine) and the expected use effect of products (such as waterproofing of building materials). The waterproof performance of the layer and the moisture permeability of the solar panel have important influence.

          Product recommendation
          DRK208 Melt Flow Rate Tester
          DRK109 Cardboard Burst Tester (Computer)
          DRK9007BG Air Filter Element Filtration Performance Tester (aerosol)-including environmental chamber
          DRK-GC-7890 Ditert-Butyl Peroxide Residue Detector
          DRK-K646 Automatic Digestion Instrument
          DRK-W636 Cooling Water Circulator
          DRK-K626 Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer
          DRK-SOX316 Fat Analyzer GB5009.6-2016
          DRK-SPE216 Automatic Solid Phase Extraction Instrument
          DRK501F Moisture Permeability Tester (including constant temperature and humidity box)
          DRK501D Moisture Permeability Tester
          DRK32 Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction And Purification Instrument
          DRK371 Medical Mask Gas Exchange Pressure Difference Tester
          DRK371-II Medical Mask Gas Exchange Pressure Difference Tester
          DRK6003B Glove Heat Insulation Tester
          DRK9007AG Air Filter Element Filtration Performance Tester
          DRK141P-II Nonwoven Thickness Gauge (balance type)
          DRK-SOX316 Fat Analyzer
          DRK-K616 Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer
          DRK310 Gas Transmission Tester--Differential Pressure Method (Three Chambers Independent)
          DRK9007C Aerodynamic Filtration Performance Tester (Dust)
          DRK-150F Constant Temperature&Humidity Chamber
          PL7-C Type Flat Paper Sample Quick Dryer
          DRK311Water Vapor Transmission Rate Tester  (Electrolysis Method)
          DRK310 gas transmission tester (differential pressure method)
          DRK311 Water Vapor Transmission Rate Tester  (infrared method)
          PL13-00 Laboratory Flotation Deinking Machine
          DRK320 Electronic Porosity Tester
          DRK8S Rotational Viscometer
          NDJ-5S  rotational viscometer
          DRK-504Coulomb moisture meter
          DRK166 Air-bath Film Heat Shrinkability Tester
          DRK-311 Water Vapor Transmission Rate Tester (Weighing Method)
          DRK-F416 Wendell Method Crude Fiber Tester Fan's Method Washed Fiber Tester
          DRK207B Fabric Stiffness Tester/ Textile Hardness Tester
          Efficient production efficiency, so you peace of mind

          1  Compressive strength: pressure, deformation and stacking test of corrugated boxes, honeycomb panel boxes and other packaging parts.Anti pressure test for barreled and bottled containers

          2  Compressive Strength: Paper Ring Compressive Strength (RCT), Edge Compressive Strength (ECT), Flat Compressive Strength (FCT), Adhesive Strength (PAT) and Flat Compressive Strength (CMT) of Paper Core with Diameter Less than 60 mmTest for small paper tubes, etc.

          3  Pendulum Impact Resistance: PE/PP Composite Film, Aluminum Coated Film, Aluminum Plastic Composite Film, Nylon Film, Aluminum Plastic Paper Composite Material for Food and Drug Packaging BagsAnti pendulum impact test

          4  Sealing test: milk bags, milk powder bags, puffed food bags, instant noodle bags, beverage bottles, Le packages, jelly cups, medicine bottles, infusion bags, blisters, cosmetic bottles, cosmetic bags, etc.Testing of sealing performance of containers.

          Strong technical strength, give you confidence

          1  PossessRich instrument technologyAnd applied knowledge.Technical support teamComprehensive and experiencedAfter sales service team。

          2  Having an international standard laboratory

          3  First class equipment manufacturing company,Low cost, factory direct sales, first-hand source of goods,No intermediate links, parity sales to save money for you.

          Improve the service system, to assure you

          1  Free instrument debugging and operation training can be enjoyed.Parity maintenance serviceInstrument inFree maintenance within 18 months.After receiving the customer fault information, make corresponding measures immediately, and give timely solutions and troubleshooting.

          2  The goods are not satisfactory, but they can be returned to our company within three days.

          Strong ability to innovate, to make you feel at ease

          1  By the State Intellectual Property Office's utility model patent certificate, smoothness tester, folding tester, tearing instrument, etc.The five control software is awarded by the State Copyright Bureau's computer software copyright certificate.

          2  In terms of technological innovation, it has been leading the development of industry testing instruments.We have professional and sophisticated product development team and complete processing facilities.

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